Dog Mom Gift Box (12 in Stock)



Product Description

The perfect gift for the Dog Mom in your life! This gift box celebrates the special bond between dog and mom.

For the Dog Mom:

Dog Mom Mug, Grounds and Hounds Coffee, Chocolate Dipped Oreos (for human consumption only), Dog Mom Paw Sticker, Dog themed emery board (can be used on dog as well!), Dirt Bag Beauty Facial Mask, Lip Balm, Bath Bomb, Loofah, Terry Spa Head Band

For the Dog:

Luscious Paw/Nose Balm, Bandana, Gourmet treats M.O.M. and a Tea and Scones Treat Package


  • Weight: 128 oz
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 10 in
  • Height: 6 in

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