Always so nice to hear from my customers.....Thank You!
Donna, I just had to write and tell you of my experience after purchasing some of your treats for a dear "puppy friend" of mine!  Her name is Daisy and she belongs to Jan -- a dear friend of mine that I have reconnected with in the last few years! I was in Oregon with my husband and found your product--had to buy for Daisy as she is an amazing "little girl"  I am not sure who loves who more --me or her!!!!  I gave her a treat and she went "nuts"  She tried to crawl up in  my lap for more, she kept giving me hugs and kisses.  I gave her more and she seriously acted like they were "doggy crack"!!!!!!!  I mean that in the best of ways!!!!!  She finally settled down but I was amazed as to how much she loved them!!!  Her mom said that she has never acted this way with any other treats.  Thx so much for making my day and Daisy's too of course!!  Keep up the good work for our furry friends, Kelly Hahn




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07/25/2017 6:32pm

I've never heard of a pet bakery before, but I'm glad to know there is an existing one! I always have a hard time finding a shop where pet goodies are sold because I can't seem to find one. I always buy my dogs some pet goodies, especially on their birthdays. I always ask someone to bake them a cake so they'll feel special. It's my way of showing them that they are appreciated and loved because I feel like I don't get to make them feel that they mean so much to me. I hope there will be more pet bakeries like the on you own because it will be beneficial for pet owners like myself. Good luck on your business!

01/12/2017 4:10am

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06/09/2017 1:20am

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10/10/2017 3:24am

Of course it's cool to hear such great feedback. Your service is really amazing.


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