Wiggle Butz will be at the Warren Elementary School Bazaar Saturday, November 2nd Hwy 30 and Berg Rd. from 9:00 to 3:00 Stop in and join us! Get a head start on your Christmas shopping and support your local vendors! Hope to see you there!


09/04/2016 9:06pm

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09/16/2016 9:23pm

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10/17/2017 4:12am

It's a good decision to join Warren Elementary School Bazaar! Annually, many shoppers choose to visit the bazaar because there are lots of items and foods being sold. I am sure that Wiggle But will have a great sale because they items you are selling are all great and delicious! Well, I will pray for the success of the event, and I hope to find worthy items there too! This is a good opportunity for all of them to introduce their product to the public!


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