For all of you Portland Wiggle Butz friends, our treats are now available at NoPo Paws located at 2148 N. Killingsworth! If you haven't been there it's really quite a special place. If you're in the area stop in and say hi!


You said that its your treat and its read for all of us then I am very happy because I am also ready to get this treat and enjoy with our families and friends. You are doing great with your bakery and its nice to development and promoting your bakery.

09/23/2017 4:53am

I am curious about your treat for all of us. By the way, thank you for making an effort to have a simple gift for all of us. As your follower, I appreciate that you have a simple present for us. Though it was simple, what is important is the thought! I'll go to Nono Paws right now to check what are your items for all of us. I feel that it is something for me to look forwards to! Thank you for being nice to all of us!


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    Author Donna LeBleu

    We are so happy to finally offer Wiggle Butz treats online! Indulge your pet in
    the finest of treats!
    Happy Tails!